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Sweet Snape, it's another Harlequin!Sue!

Story Or Series Title: Wait Forever
Fandom: Death Note
Culprit Author's Name: Joushou-Sensei

Full Name (plus titles if any): Railis
Full Species(es): Harlequin Romance Sue
Hair Color (include adjectives): "stylish chocolate brown hair fell into her eyes"
Eye Color (include adjectives): "ice blue eyes," "Her ice blues glazed over yet again"
Unusual Markings/Colorations:
Special Possessions (if any): L's love

Annoying Origin: Somehow met three years ago. L couldn't figure her out and became "dangerously attached." He allows her to live in some apartment of his.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: L's lover.
Annoying Special Abilities: Making L grossly OOC.
Other Annoying Traits: She knows about Mello, so I'm guessing L's been twisted even more OOC by freely giving out information that should remain secret. At one point she says, "But this is the Kira case, cant Mello do it?" meaning she is either so horribly ignorant that even with L's gossip she hasn't quite worked out Kira is more than a minor concern, or she is unbelievably stupid, if she thinks L would put a Wammy's House kid who hasn't even been technically selected as successor in charge of the biggest case to come L's way.

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

“ Does this mean you’ll be here?” She whipped her head eyes to him “ Of course I will.” L smiled and pulled her skillfully on top of him.

“ Good and young woman shouldn’t use that kind of language.” She scoffed at him and cuddled closer laying her head ion his chest matching her breathing with his.

A few minuets later L could feel her slow and steady breathing and slowly leaned up careful not to wake her. She really was amazing, contrary to her beliefs.

She had single handedly stolen his heart, a crime he was willing to over look. He picked her up bridal style and walked to the bedroom.

Placing her gently on the large bed, He moved a few stray strands of her hair and crawled to the other side of the bed and turned off he lamp.

Wrapping an arm around her waist he got as close as he could, he would most certainly miss her “ Do wait for me.” He whispered.

The next morning Railis woke up before L surprising herself. Just as she was about to shake him the alarm went off ‘scary how good I am.’ She though smirking at L.

He stirred and slowly woke up. Although he was older that her by a few years, he still had a childless about him that she loved.

For the second entry in a row: Lawliet is L's last name. The rest speaks for itself...

The entire one-shot was centered, which with the Harlequin-rip off looks really pretentious.