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Death Note Sues
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Looking for Death Note fanfiction/fanart and keep coming across Sues? Vent about it here. OCs, canon Sues, canon Stus, badfic in general are all welcomed for featuring. Please use the following form for submissions (or as much of it as is applicable):

<b>Or Series Title:</b>
<b><strike>Culprit</strike> Author's Name:</b>

<b>Full Name (plus titles if any):</b>
<b>Full Species(es):</b>
<b>Hair Color (include adjectives):</b>
<b>Eye Color (include adjectives):</b>
<b>Unusual Markings/Colorations:</b>
<b>Special Possessions (if any):</b>

<b>Annoying Origin:</b>
<b>Annoying Connections To Canon Characters:</b>
<b>Annoying Special Abilities:</b>
<b>Other Annoying Traits:</b>

<b>Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:</b> (Do NOT post more than half of a chapter, whole chapters, or whole stories, regardless of how short they are)

Where To Find Badfic!

Death Note on Fanfiction.net

DeviantArt and Quizilla are good places to type Death Note in the search engine to see what comes up.

General Rules:

- Don't follow links to troll the authors of stories featured here.
- Insult the stories, not the authors.
- If you wrote something that was featured here, don't come here crying about it. Don't want an "unasked for" opinion on your writing? Don't post it to a public place. Once a story gets featured, it gets featured, and whining about it won't get it removed. You also set yourself up for becoming fair game for mockery if you come here.
- This comm is for snarking stories/fanart. Discussing/ranting about Death Note fanfiction is also allowed. Do not post "parody" or joke fics/comics/fanart. Do not link your own stories/fanart, or post here asking us to read/view your work.
- NO ADVERTISING. There's a spot for links on the profile of this community for a reason. Private Message omgwutsayu with your links if you want a comm added.

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